Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Forgotten Promises - Progression

One of my favourite part about the creation of art is getting to see the progression as a project is completed. It is probably why I love concept art so much - I get to see the progress as designers sketch up ideas and flesh them out, ending in complex art forms like animated movies or video games.

Here's a progression of a piece I did across the month of September in 2012. It's called Forgotten Promises and it is a revisit on a piece that I completed in 2003 (original here). I entered the revisit into a competition on DeviantART, but unfortunately it wasn't a winner. 

The line art sketch, completed September 10th:

The background, light effects, and cleanup of the line art, completed September 11th:

Blocked out the colour, added text, and began work on hair, completed September 13th:

Completed colour on the eyes and lips, continued to work on hair, and began shading of the facial skin, completed September 17th:

Completed colour on the hair, continued work on the skin, completed September 27th:

I decided that I didn't like the direction the skin tone was going, so I reworked it. Also, I was upset with the colour and shape of the lips, so I scrapped the originals and started over. The final version was completed on September 28th:

Honestly, there are still portions of the image that I am not happy with. Though her eyes are in proportion, I would have liked them to be a bit larger. I am not satisfied with her bangs or the shading of her skin. And I would have liked to have added a bit of a lens flare  to her necklace. But, I got really sick of looking at it, so I wrapped it up and submitted it to the contest instead of tweaking it.

I used a few resources for this image (fonts, tutorials, brushes, etc). Please check out the link to the DeviantART gallery page at the top of this post to see what resources I used. Thank you! :)

Asterodea WIP

So, my current colouring project is the image above: Asterodea by Cat Craig. To clarify: I am colouring her lineart. I love, love, love the lineart drawn by the fabulous Cat Craig (aka Catzilla). Her lines make me dream about all the scrumptious colours that could cover the canvas. So much possibility!

All of my progress thus far has been accomplished on my (old) laptop, and this is the first time I have viewed it on a different screen. I have to say that I am disappointed with some of the colours. Some of it is darker than I expected (like her skin) and other parts are way too bright (like her lips). Ugh. Frustrating.

Once my new laptop comes in and I get up and running again, I will be back to work on this. I actually just discovered the beauty of Photoshop layer masks while working on this piece. It opened up a lot of new possibilities and I am both dismayed that it has taken me so long to find this technique and also extremely excited. :D