Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Forgotten Promises - Progression

One of my favourite part about the creation of art is getting to see the progression as a project is completed. It is probably why I love concept art so much - I get to see the progress as designers sketch up ideas and flesh them out, ending in complex art forms like animated movies or video games.

Here's a progression of a piece I did across the month of September in 2012. It's called Forgotten Promises and it is a revisit on a piece that I completed in 2003 (original here). I entered the revisit into a competition on DeviantART, but unfortunately it wasn't a winner. 

The line art sketch, completed September 10th:

The background, light effects, and cleanup of the line art, completed September 11th:

Blocked out the colour, added text, and began work on hair, completed September 13th:

Completed colour on the eyes and lips, continued to work on hair, and began shading of the facial skin, completed September 17th:

Completed colour on the hair, continued work on the skin, completed September 27th:

I decided that I didn't like the direction the skin tone was going, so I reworked it. Also, I was upset with the colour and shape of the lips, so I scrapped the originals and started over. The final version was completed on September 28th:

Honestly, there are still portions of the image that I am not happy with. Though her eyes are in proportion, I would have liked them to be a bit larger. I am not satisfied with her bangs or the shading of her skin. And I would have liked to have added a bit of a lens flare  to her necklace. But, I got really sick of looking at it, so I wrapped it up and submitted it to the contest instead of tweaking it.

I used a few resources for this image (fonts, tutorials, brushes, etc). Please check out the link to the DeviantART gallery page at the top of this post to see what resources I used. Thank you! :)

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