Monday, March 23, 2015

Creative Hiatus, Meds, Books, Birds, and Cupcakes [or, What I Have Been Up To Lately]

So, this is totally what I am feeling right now...

I've been on a hectic creative hiatus for the past month or so... I keep WANTING to digiscrap and be all artsy fartsy, but I just haven't found the time. My computer that I do all my creative stuff on is actually unplugged and half disconnected on a cart in my room that is shoved against the wall and barricaded by laundry. :(

I got my meds changed recently and transitioned from one medication to another - which has made me feel absolutely physically terrible for the last week and a half. Thankfully, I am coming out of that. Unfortunately, there's a TON of stuff that needs to be done that got neglected because I was feeling ill. I am not looking forward to this week of catching up... /le sigh

I finally got tested for Celiac about a week ago, and it came back... negative. Which doesn't help me try any explain why eating gluten free makes me feel better... my doctor says not to worry about it and basically to just do what feels good. But it's hard to validate it in the minds of other people when there isn't a diagnosis - because at that point, it just becomes a fad diet or "in [my] head" to everyone and then no one takes it seriously. /more sigh
I'll keep at it, for sure. But the frustration and resistance of it all just bogs me down sometimes.

Hubby and I WERE going to get a membership to 24hr Fitness Sport, which I was SO looking forward to... and then the car broke. So we spent a weekend troubleshooting and fixing that. And I am still not so sure it's fixed 100%, but it seems to be appeased with a brand new fuel pump, alternator, starter, and a grab bag of sensors and relays. It WAS nice helping Hubby work on it, though - we used to do stuff like that ALL the time, but it has happened less and less in the last few years. (And it wasn't really fun when we were in the military - nothing was; our years in the military are like a black spot of gloom in my memory.)

We've got 12 zebra finches in our cages now - the couple that we started with (Sugar and Spice) have had three clutches of eggs since we got them!! We're thinking that they'll probably make a trip up to the local pet store to be donated next weekend. They're beautiful and lovely, but they're noisy and messy and getting rather expensive and time consuming to feed (plus, we never intended to keep the babies this long - they're all pretty much adults now anyway).

I've been doing a LOT of gaming lately... it's just about the only way I feel creative (aside from baking, and gaming doesn't tempt me with two-dozen cupcakes that my thighs do NOT need), so it's been keeping me afloat, but not really contributing to life as a whole, which is rather depressing in a way. It makes me think of Stephen Covey and his "Sharpen the Saw" concept of taking care of, nurturing, and renewing yourself - and while gaming helps me feel creative in a pinch, it really doesn't offer anything renewing in the long run. I can go ON and ON about the levels I have reached in Farmville2, the milestones in The Legend of Zelda: Windwaker HD or Hyrule Warriors, or the awesome structures I've built in Minecraft (and that's just in the last month), but what does that all mean in the grand scheme of things? Not much. Not really.

At least I have been getting in some Bible study, though... I'm still plugging away at Beth Moore's "David: Seeking a Heart Like His" (I buy the study books and individual videos and complete it at my own pace, not in a small group) and am in week 8, I think. I also got a random Bible study one trip to Sam's Club and it ended up being pretty much exactly what I was needing at the moment, which was really awesome. (I love how God works out those sudden, unexpected moments into something bigger.)

My counselor also suggested I read some of the Love and Logic parenting books (she said they were right up my alley and that I'd love them), so I have been reading those off and on (and she was right, by the way). AND, because I have a rather short attention span and get bored easily, I am ALSO reading through the Giver quartet - some nice little books to entertain my mind (I am mostly done with the last book now)- and "Go! Starting a Personal Growth Revolution" by Stephen Blandino (check it out on Amazon), which I am enjoying thus far.

Yesterday, Munchkin and I made cupcakes, because I discovered that Pillsbury now offers a gluten free version of the Funfetti cake! I think they turned out pretty damn awesome:

And my tablet's camera actually took a pretty nice picture, too, IMHO. lol. Munchkin helped me pour the ingredients into Audrey [my KitchenAid stand mixer], put the cupcake liners into the pans, and apply the sprinkles... though, I really wonder if she ate more sprinkles than she applied. lol. It was a good memory and the cupcakes turned out REALLY good (remember what I said about my thighs not needing cupcakes? yeah).

So, yeah, that's what I've been up to lately... now that it's WAY closer to 3am than I would like it to be, I better go see if I can get some sleep!! Eeep!!

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